Elaine Fisher

Hey there, new friend!

I’m Elaine Fisher, a Pittsburgh-area photographer, toddler mom, eldest daughter, planner, and former stage manager. My now-husband bought me a camera as a college graduation gift 14 years ago, and I never put it down. I love coffee, good books, and helping you capture your memories in photo form. My friends say I’m down-to-earth, thoughtful, warm, and just a smidge quirky. The only time of year I’m ever stuffy is allergy season (achoo)!

My approach: lean into joy, capture the moment.

I want to capture your day and be a part of your moment. The experience of taking photos should be a fun memory itself! I come prepared with bubbles, fruit snacks, and a sense of adventure… whatever it takes to get the small (or big) ones in your life to crack a smile, I’ll be there. I will meet your group where you are and make it fun. I hear your story, I love it, and I raise you another. You’ll feel like you’re having a photography session with a friend.

I appreciate that the world today is a different place than it was a few years ago. Having my son at the very start of a global pandemic turned my world upside down in big, complicated, and beautiful ways. I wanted to document every moment, to keep him small and safe forever, but also grew to appreciate the beauty in change. Now, I feel luckier than ever that I get to be a part of helping people capture the moments in their lives - whether they are major life milestones or just a wonderfully ordinary day at the park.